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Elearn UK

Elearn UK (www.elearnuk.co.uk) are one of the largest distance learning colleges in the world – operating as Stonebridge college for the traditional paper based correspondence courses, and as Elearn UK if students elect to pursue the course online (you can choose whichever suits you best, and can even change between the two methods of distance learning at no additional cost).

There are over 600 courses available, recognised and accredited by professional bodies both in the UK and internationally  - including employers, professional associations, governing bodies and national and international licensing authorities. Elearn UK are a member of the British Association for Open Learning, are qualified suppliers of materials to the University for Industry, and are an NCFE approved centre.

All e-learn students have access to a personal tutor – a specialist in their particular field of education, plus access to a team of administrators and course advisors who are able to offer professional guidance and advice.

Elearn UK use the continual assessment method – students are required to submit a question paper to their tutor after each lesson, which allows the tutor to assess progress and the effectiveness of learning at all times throughout the course

Multiple free study aids and resources are available once enrolled, including:

Improving learning skills course (available to non  E-learn students for £125.00)
Job interview skills course
News zone
Student forum
Study guide
The effective learner course
Tutor support

Course categories are listed below:

Accounting, book-keeping and finance
Animals, agriculture, conservation and environment
Business, management, law and security
Byte size learning skills
Communication and language
Counselling, psychotherapy and psychology
Education and teaching
Foot health care
Health - complementary and nursing
Hobbies, trades, DIY, home and leisure
In-flight training
Information technology
Music, art, literature, photography and technical
Nutritional sciences
Online saver plans
Psychic development
Service industry, catering and manufacturing
Social care studies
Sports and fitness
Stress management
Women’s health and beauty

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